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Off Season Craziness

Off Season Craziness!

The first week of off season it always stretches out in front of you for what seems like forever, then suddenly it’s March and you are scrambling! We had a busy winter with holidays, family adventures, and school programs. In January we celebrated the team’s EIGHTH 81 Speedway Championship and FOURTH NCRA Championship. We are so thankful for all of our friends, family and sponsors that help make this all possible.

In January Jeremy got his first shot at the famed Chili Bowl. The car had engine problems all weekend so unfortunately it wasn’t a great trip, but it definitely left him hungry to return and get more seat time!

The frame got sent off to BEPC Powder coating for a refresh on that signature green. They always do a great job, and everything sure pops on the racetrack.

Jeremy’s got a new suit and new helmet in the works, and we are working on new T-Shirts right now! It’s always exciting to get new merch and we sure hope you like what R & R comes up with!

Anything you want to see from behind the scenes at Jeremy Campbell Motorsports? Be sure to let us know!



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