May 8, 2017 - 2017 Season finally under way for Jeremy Campbell Motorsports!

Wichita, KS - After battling rainouts for most of March and April the Jeremy Campbell Motorsports team finally got to begin the season with the World of Outlaws at 81 Speedway this past Saturday night.

Unable to secure a 410 motor prior to the event, the team decided to move forward with the 360. While underpowered, the team was confident Campbell’s experience at the track would help him be competitive.

After transferring from the B Feature, Campbell became the only 360 of the evening to make the main event , and had fought his way up to 17th place before an error during a battle with the 9X of Jake Bubak sent him back to 20th place.

“I never anticipated my first race of the year, after six months off, would be with the World of Outlaws. It felt good to be back though, and hopefully there will be some 410 action in our future the next few years,” said Campbell.

The next event on the schedule for JCM is May 12th with the ASCS Red River Region at Humbolt Speedway in Humbolt, Kansas.  The following day the team returns to 81 Speedway for the season opening event.

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Victory Lane - 81 Speedway, May 13th, 2017. 

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Victory Lane - Salina Speedway, Salina Kansas - Dusty Wiegert Photo

5/15/2017 – Campbell victorious early in 2017!
A two event weekend for the Jeremy Campbell Motorsports team was filled with highs and lows as the 10c team overcame a disappointing Friday run and battled back with the first win of the season!

Friday Campbell and team traveled to Humbolt, Kansas to race with the ASCS Red River Region. After a 2nd place finish last season at this event, the team was hungry for success at their second appearance.

Unfortunately a disappointing draw and heat race performance left Campbell to race his way out of the B Main in order to make the feature event. Starting 8th, he was able to capture the final transfer spot on the last corner of the B Feature.  Ultimately Campbell made the decision to pull in during the A Feature in order to save the car for the following days opening event at 81 Speedway.

Saturday the Jeremy Campbell Motorsports team returned to 81 Speedway, where Campbell has been crowned Champion six out of the last eight years. He established his dominance early in the evening, coming from 5th to win the heat race.  The feature event was much the same, with Campbell taking an early lead and never looking back, winning by almost a straightaway over second place.

The next event for the JCM team is Saturday May 20th at 81 Speedway.

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Victory Lane - NCRA - 9/3/2016

Wichita, Kansas - The 2016 racing season has ended, and every team hopes to go out on a high note. Jeremy Campbell and the #10c team achieved that and more, finishing the year with three NCRA victories in a row.

This late season success brought Campbell’s win total to five for the year, with 15 top five finishes. The team clinched their sixth 81 Speedway track championship, and finished 3rd in NCRA points.
“I tore up more equipment this season that I have in 5 years” said Campbell. “We were at a pretty low spot in the middle of the year, but to bounce back like this gives us the momentum we need to really buckle down and focus during the off season. I tend to always be stronger at the end of the year, so I’m going to be working on making a strong debut for our first race.”
With $15,000 on the line for 81 Speedway’s NCRA Season opener, it’s guaranteed to be a battle of the best, but as the winningest driver in recent 81 Speedway history, Campbell is up for the challenge.

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